Malaysian Institute of Professional Estate Agents and Consultants.

MIPEAC started with the aim of providing a platform primarily but not limited to real estate professionals and practitioners who are currently non- members of any related organisations and therefore, unrepresented by any of them. However, we are also a complementary organisation to other similar organisations with the same objectives of elevating the profession to a higher standard and protecting public interest. Such being the case, we are also open to members of other similar organisations who are willing to serve or participate in our activities and events by joining in as members. 

All stakeholders (practitioners), in the field of estate agency, be they estate agents, probationers and RENs have a say in the organisation as they all have voting rights. Probationers and Real Estate Negotiators (RENs) vote in their own representatives into the into the decision making body, the council of the association. We are therefore different from the other associations in this respect. 

Real Estate Agency is a highly regulated industry under BOVAEA and compliance issues can be quite daunting. In this respect,  MIPEAC, for a start, will focus on Education and Training for professionals and practitioners.

We also intend to set up a Professional Practice Advisory Committee for members to advise on issues pertaining to compliance with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents (BOVAEA).

Less than 4% are represented by any professional associations

As per figures extracted from the website of the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents, there are about :

Registered Estate Agents

Probationary Estate Agents

Property Valuers

Real Estate Negotiators

We are membership inclusive and are open to Estate Agents, Probationary Estate Agents (PEAs), Real Estate Negotiators (RENs) and staffs of estate agencies and students with easily affordable membership fees.